JESSTENSIONS hair extensions are non-refundable.

During your appointment and consult, viewing and reading the Manual are mandatory as well as mentioning if anything feels tight or if hair feels heavy. Many clients new to hair extensions might need to go through some training ing on hw much product to use, how to oil the ends and so on. Too little or not enough will make hair feel dry. The correct use of brushing is mentioned in the manual as well products suggestions. 

All extension positioning are done with zero tension so the hair may go up or down and feel comfortable. With 20 years experience in Vidal Sassoon Precision methods and being chosen for the head of Canada in color education and cutting,  zero tension is important in many aspects of hair styling.  Should you feel something is uncomfortable you must mention and come see your stylist right away. Failure to do so doesn't give the stylist a way to help. Failure to have your stylist take them out also heavily damages the hair as the training in taking these out is different then what other brands offer. We offer strand by strand extreme gentle removal of extensions. 

Hair extensions are not for everyone so communicating with your stylist right away is important.

If the hair has been removed and nothing has been mentioned until its too late then there is simply nothing a stylist can do but offer support, some treatments and possibly a $100 back.

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