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Hair extensions are considered a product of hygiene therefore once the package seals has been opened are non-refundable. All the hair for my brand has been brand tested for 6 months in large batches before sold to customer for quality control. After testing for 15 years, I have come to the realization 1.3g or so is a good weight for most types of hair so I design them this way. Each pack of nanos are 25 grams resulting in 19-25 or so pieces per pack depending on length. For example the longer the length, you still get 25 pieces per bundle but say 24"  is way then 12" so you would receive about 19 pieces per pack and 25 pieces for 18". Longer Flex wefts or genius wefts come in 100-200g packages. And handtide hair 100-150g.

During your initial consult which is mandatory before receiving a Jesstensions service, viewing and reading the manual are mandatory with your certified Jesstensions Journeyman stylist.

All nano extension positioning are done with zero tension so the hair may go up or down and feel comfortable.

For natural beaded row applications, we only use flex or genius weft as double or thick machine wefts prove to be a challenge to make as seamless and of high quality on the the very front anchoring beads.  This is we prefer to sell you the hair we use. 

Most salons will not work with hair that has not been purchased through the salon for quality control.

Should you bring in your own hair, the total service is not under warranty and, only brand new hair from certain brands will be able to be worked on as some brands tangle quickly and we can't have our name on the work from synthetic and or synthetic mixed or  brands that which have been poorly manufactured.

Jesstensions beaded methods are installed and removed or touch up using a specific technique by your licensed hair stylist every 6-8 weeks.


With 20 years experience in Vidal Sassoon Precision methods and being chosen for the head of Canada in color education and cutting, precise clean sub sectioning, zero tension application and gentle removal are important aspects to Jesstensionist method which is how I intended to craft into this process.  


Should you feel something is uncomfortable you must mention and come see your stylist right away.

Failure to do so doesn't give the stylist a way to help.  There may be additional charges for matting that may occur if not taken care of properly.  Customers book a consultation prior to hair extensions service.

If you have any concerns about hair extensions or would prefer to read a guide on how to take care of your new hair extensions, please consider referring to my guide below.

If you ordered hair and had it shipped to you and would like a refund, you may be required to send hair to the address where you purchased with an explanation, receipt and, MUST be in its un-cracked sealed original packaging and, then it will have to be sent in to the manufacturer for testing. However, all salons who carry our hair has never sent in a complaint about quality or anything, only that its the highest quality, so that should give you some reassurance. Please be certain of the color you desire. Within reason, and these in place, I may be able to exchange to you for a different color but I do't have all colors stocked up at all times and different batches may vary slightly but usually blend in regardless with your hair.

I will exchange the product for the same color only within 1 week of purchase, and product must be sent back with receipt, again, uncracked seal and unopened package as originally received, sent with registered mail and have the tracking number sent to me within the first week. If over a week, there will be no exchange possibility and sending it back to you, I would need an e-trans prior to sending + $20 for take the time out to go and check the price for postal charges. Please email and call first to so I know what to expect, send you the address and can help remedy the situation and do my best to help you. Text is best.

Nano are places with the tiniest bead available on the market today for extensions at 2.5mm. The are applied with no tension heat or glue and are a singular placement method sort of like fusion or glue in ones..but with faster and dare I say, safer removal if maintained within the 6-8 week touch up service.

Wefts are applied in various methods. I took Danielle K.White's class 15 years ago with bead and thread and the sandwich method with just the bead. Although I saw that Danielle's method was going to explode with her marketing to much more volume of stylists in the US, I came to fall in love with nano as I find them way less noticeable and move with hair as hair grows out singularly. 

Hair comes in a long row on wefts and when done properly, they can look quite natural as well, I still prefer brushing between each extensions. Nano range in weights per piece. A bundle is typically around 19-25 grams. If you have medium thickness and just want fuller 1-4 packs might be sufficient. If also wanting length for medium thickness hair, you most likely will need 5-6 packs. If you hair is thin, like me, you might get away with 3-4 bundles or packs.


I guarantee integrity behind my brand with these policies strongly in place for good reason.

Integrity is 100% one of my personal top values.

Thank you,


Hair Extensions Kelowna
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