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The Jesstensions Team

We are a team of driven empathetic professionals who offer services in the beauty and wellness field to help people feel empowered, confident and free.

Our business is growing and our purpose is to give people the highest quality and ethically sourced hair possible with the best prices.

Our MOQ is unlimited. Anything can also be made custom with $5,000.00 Minimum quantity order of hair. 

We can custom make your books as well with your own photos, brand and write up tailored to your business, Minimum Book Orders $US 5,000.00.

We also offer custom created digital courses for your company, etc. US $5,000.00.


We succeed together and fulfil our wildest dreams when we work and support each other.


Join The Team!

We are a seeking brand ambassadors and, distributors to expand the JESSTENSIONS brand!

Positions available for diverse individuals! 

Qualities we are seeking but not limited to:

Open mindedness

Tech. Savvy


Solutions based

Abstract thinker


Social Media/Email Marketing + WIX Marketing designer + Staff Manager


-Booking Calendar Upgrades

-Ambassador call outs/wix design

-Training available

-All is set up

TIK TOK +IG Manager +Etsy 

-15 Daily documentation/day

(Positive quotes. Videos of stylists working. Usually with light gold/pink/feminine themes)

-Set up Model Call and create Model call posters (or possibly send to content creator).

Whatever hours you wish.

$100/month + 50% Commission

Education Manager +Educator + Rep

-Adding people to the roster for sales packages for 50% commission.

-Set up educational shoots

-Hair stylist background an asset

-Make vids with Jess

-Travel to demo at salon

-Client retention/ Collecting feedback reviews.

-Offering gift packages or creative targets and prizes to business owner clients and, to our clients.

Whatever hours you wish.

$100/month + 50% Commission 

Please send Jess a message now to meet!

We are launching our team for get togethers this Summer/Fall.

All positions are sales driven at this time. Whatever leads you get to purchase etc., we divide the profits 50/50 until 2023! If we are making money and successful then until 2025!


Continued 30% business royalties will be shared with those who sell 30K/year or salary.

This is a push team start up post start up.

Jess has been working on this for 15 years.

Her goal is to make all these roles the loyal few who take this company over. Hair is a billion dollar industry. If these are your purposes drive roles and goals, we will succeed together and fulfil our wildest dreams! IT just takes the right team!


What Our Clients Say

Sheryl Wood

Jess is a professional, talented and creative stylist that was amazing to work with. I use the term work with because she includes you in the process if you are entertaining a style change and open to ideas. I have never had so many compliments on my hair until Jess worked her magic.
If you are looking for a talented charismatic stylist. look no further, book an appointment to see Jess , you won't be disappointed !

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